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The storytelling show

A film by Jean-Christophe Roger
From the comics of Lewis Trondheim and José Parrondo. Published by Editions Delcourt

© 2009 Les Armateurs/Melusine Productions/StudioCanal/2 Minutes

Laurent tells stories, and he tells them so well that his kids decide to sign him for a contest of storytelling dads! But who will be the best one? their dad Laurent, with his wild imagination? Perhaps Momo, the rapper uncle? Philippe, the freaked-out, traumatised dad? Or Hubert, the know-it-all dad? or Eric, the terrible manipulating dada, a liar and a diabolical cheat! And if he was to win?

Scenario: Lewis Trondheim
Graphic universe: José Parrondo
Technical: 2D
Lengh: 80’
Target: Famille

Date: 2009
Coproducer: Les Armateurs /Melusine Productions / StudioCanal / 2 Minutes
Distribution: Studio canal

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