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The boy who wanted to be a bear

A film by Jannik Hastrup

© 2002 Les Armateurs/Dansk Tegnefilm APS 2/France 3 Cinéma/Carrère Group

Having lost its cub, Mommy bear is inconsolable. So, Daddy bear breaks into a home and kidnaps a human baby boy. He brings the child as solace to his companion, who cannot refrain from taking the child against her to keep him warm. The baby has found a new mother … For many years, he will be brought up as a cub, until his natural father eventually finds him. Brought back among the men, the child is unhappy. Unable to adapt to this new life, the boy begins to wish the impossible: becoming a bear!

Scenario: Bent Haller
Graphic universe: Bigita Faber
Technical: 2D
Lengh: 75’
Target: Famille
Date: 2002

Coproducer: Dansk Tegnefilm produktion 2 (Danemark)/Les Armateurs/France 3 Cinéma / Carrère Group
Distribution: France Télévisions Distribution Cinéma
Award: Sélection au Berlin International Film Festival, Chicago International Children’s Film Festival.

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