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And the wild beasts

A film by Michel Ocelot

© 2005 Les Armateurs/France 3 Cinéma/Gebeka Films/Studio O

From the depths of his Blue Cave, Kirikou’s Grandfather speaks: «The story of Kirikou and The Sorceress was too short. There was not the time to tell all that Kirikou has accomplished. For he has accomplished many fine things, which it would be wrong to forget. Listen, then, as I tell you more tales of Kirikou…» And so Kirikou’s Grandfather starts to tell how the clever little boy learnt to become a detective, a potter, a merchant, a traveller, a gardener and a doctor… while remaining the smallest yet bravest of heroes…Vikings and an ancient serpent god in order to find the crystal which will enable them to complete the legendary Book of Kells.

Scenario: Michel Ocelot
Graphic universe: Michel Ocelot
Technical: 2D
Lengh: 75’
Target: Famille

Date: 2005
Coproducer: Les Armateurs / Gebeka Films/ France 3 Cinéma/ Studio O
Distribution: Celluloïd Dreams

  • Prix du public – Wissembourg – 2005
  • Prix du jury – Cairo Festival Egypt – 2006
  • Prix du public – Stuttgart Animovie Germany – 2006
  • 1er Prix du jury enfant, film d’animation
  • 1er Prix du jury adulte, film d’animation – Chicago International Children Film Festival USA – 2006
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