Adapted from Julie Beauzac's podcast "Vénus s’épilait-elle la chatte ?"

Director and graphic design : Julie Caty
Scriptwriters : Julie Beauzac and Emilie Valentin
Technical : 2D
Format : 30 x 3’
Target : Ado-Adulte


Why are all great geniuses men? Why does art depict so many rape scenes? Why do we often forget to mention black figures in paintings? Why are so few women painters represented? And why was Picasso so nasty?

Vénus Factory, like the podcast, unravels the history of Western art, proposing a feminist and inclusive point of view. Art, like all cultural production, is never neutral. It is a reflection of the societies in which it is produced.

The aim of the series is to shed light on the works of art created throughout history. And to look at them with fresh eyes, so that we can better understand what we’re looking at, and reappropriate this shared heritage.