A serie directed by Paul Leluc

Based on an original idea by Delphine Maury and Olivier Vinuesa

Writing direction: Delphine Maury, Olivier Vinuesa, Alain Serluppus, Guillaume Mautalent & Sébastien Oursel
Graphic universe: Emile Bravo
Techniqcal: 3D rendu 2D
Length: 10×26’
Target: 6-10 ans
Date: 2015
Coproducer: Les Armateurs / Blue Spirit Studio

© 2015 Les Armateurs / Blue Spirit Studio

Summer of 1939. Ernest, 11 years old, and Colette, 6 years old, are spending their holidays at their Grandparent’s house in Normandy. France enters the world war and their parents decide to leave them in Normandy, to see how things evolve. The two kids will finally stay over the 5 years the war will last, and will live their “long long holiday”. They will be obliged to live with the occupants, learn patriotism, loose people they love but will grow up and adapt themselves in a world at war.