Adapted from the book written by Hélène Canac and Agnès Domergue

Scriptwriter : Valérie Magis
Technical : 2D
Format : 26’
Target : Family

Summary :

In a cabin lost in the heart of a wild, snow-covered island, little Lila, her dad, her glib cat and her philosophical frogs prepare for the Red Moon party. But Lila has a heavy heart, or rather a “white heart”, at the thought that her mom won’t be there. Her mother, who left for the mountains almost a year ago to soothe the demons of winter, still hasn’t returned.

When Lila meets a mysterious white wolf, he leads her on a journey as daring as it is enchanting… during which she meets the enigmatic Jizô, who guides her to the frozen bowels of the island, where she eventually finds her mother… and the demons. A reunion far from anything she could have imagined.