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Bedtime Stories

Season 1 and 2

A serie directed by Jean-Christophe Roger and Jean-Luc François
According to the comics of Lewis Trondheim and José Parrondo published by Editions Delcourt

Season 1 © 2006 Les Armateurs/2 Minutes
Season 2 © 2008 Les Armateurs/2 Minutes

Every night, Pierre and Jeanne ask their Dad for a story. The father would much prefer to watch a football game on TV, but the children resist: they want stories. And once their father is with them, the kids always want more: more monsters, more lousy tricks, more dramas …
Always more stories!

Writing direction: Lewis Trondheim
Graphic universe: José Parrondo
Technical: 2D
Length: 54×6’
Target: 3-5 ans

Date: 2006
Coproducer: Les Armateurs/2 Minutes
Distribution: SND

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