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Lupo Alberto

A serie directed by Jean-Christophe Roger and Guiseppe Lagana

From Silver’s comic book
Writing direction: Guido Silvestri Silver et Gérald Dupeyrot
Graphic universe: Silver
Technical: 2D
Length: 26×13’
Copyright: © 1997 Les Armateurs/Animation Band/Europool/RAI/France 2
Target: 6-10 ans
Date: 1997
Coproducer: Les Armateurs/Animation Band/Europool/RAI/France 2
Distribution: SACIS/ Téléimages / Telepool (Allemagne)

Unusual is what we could call the love between fearless and love-struck Alberto, the «hopeful wolf», and Marta «the very decent hen». Moise the dog cannot accept this passion. He is the stiff guardian of morality of all the animals at the screwy Mc Kenzie farm.

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