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Lulu et Nelson

A film by Paul Leluc
Based on Charlotte Girard and Jean-Marie Omont’s original creation and Aurélie Neyret’s graphic universe

1964. Lucia is 10 years old and has a strong character. She wishes more than everything to succeed his father and to become a lion-tamer. One night, a fire burns down the circus causing the death of the lions. The whole world of the girl is gone. However she won’t give up! There are lions in South-Africa and that’s where she is going to find them. There, she will meet Nelson, a south-african boy, with whom she will experience a great adventure.

Scenario: Charlotte Girard et Jean-Marie Omont
Graphic universe: Aurélie Neyret
Technical: 2D

Lengh: 80’
Target: Family
Date: 2020

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