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Kiri the clown

A serie directed by Eric Cazes

According to the work of Jean Image
Writing direction: Philippe Baudart
Graphic universe: Jean Image
Technical: 3D
Length: 65×5’
Copyright: © 2005 Les Armateurs / Tiji / Mélusine Productions
Target: 6-10 ans
Date: 2005
Coproducer: Les Armateurs / Tiji / Mélusine Productions
Distribution: France Télévisions Distribution

Kiri the happy clown, Pipelette the chatty parakket, Ratibus the restless cat and Laura the daydreaming acrobat, lead the daily life of Kiri’s small travelling circus. Each episode tells of a simple adventure based on a small challenge that one of the characters created and that will be solved with the help of Kiri.

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