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Dear Hamster
Dear Hamster
Dear Hamster

Dear Hamster

A serie directed by Cédric Lachenaud

According to the original work of Astrid Desbordes and Pauline Martin published by Albin Michel Jeunesse Editions
Writing direction: Astrid Desbordes, Romain Gadiou, Chloé Sastre
Technical: 3D
Lengh: 52×5′
Target: 5 – 7 ans

Summary: :
Hamster believes himself to be an exceptional being and that is why he refuses to be bothered by the mundane and mediocre concerns of this world populated by insipid people. He only aspires to one thing: let him get peace! So he could spend his days well in his deckchair, feasting on industrial waffles and deep thoughts about himself.
Hamster is narcissistic and selfish but believes himself exceptional, surrounded by loving friends who love him despite his terrible attitudes.

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